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Garda local products

Garda local products

Sirmione is located in the center of Lake Garda, area wich enjoy of products of the lake, the plains and the mountains around the Garda. From the lake come the lake fish such as Coregone (lavarello), the trout, the aola, pike, carp, tench, sardines and eel; by morainic hills and plains meat and charcuterie, olives for olive oil of Garda, grapes for wine, fruit; from the mountains cheeses, herbs, chestnuts, mushrooms and truffles.


Garda local Products

Fruits and vegetables of Garda

The flat and hilly area of Lake Garda, has always been the area of agricultural production and, while now in the immediate vicinity of the lake has been given almost exclusively to the vine, given the high value reached by the production of wine, both inland Verona and Mantua are still fruits and vegetables production areas such as cherries, peaches, kiwi, apples, tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, radishes, asparagus, artichokes, and more. All products that you find also in the local cuisine of Garda lake, whose good example are country festivals wich often follow the seasonality of agricultural products, see Custoza broccoli, risotto with asparagus, bitter raviolo of Castelgoffredo and many more .

Garda salumi

Garda is divided territorially in four provinces, and for this reason you can find typical charcuterie of those areas as speck in the upper Garda, soppressa on Verona side, salami with garlic in Mantua area and without garlic in Brescia province.

Garda Cheese

Among cheeses produced in the mountains around Garda lake the most characteristic are: cheese Tombea from Valvestino, the formaggella Tremosine, cheese Monte Veronese from east coast of Mount Baldo, generally not long aged cheeses; finest Bagoss of Bagolino, young, middle aged and aged, very appreciated to flavor pasta and stuffed ravioli

Garda wines

Wine production in the area of Lake Garda has always had an important role in the history of the area, but in recent years has had a remarkable development given to the international interest for this precious product.

Among the wines of Garda we find

Wine lugana: produced with grapes Trebbiano that grown in the area from Sirmione up to Pozzolengo, Peschiera and Desenzano; the “superior” quality also takes a certain age, is also found in versions barricades and bubbles with Charmat method. Aperitif wine and the whole meal

Bardolino wine: typical of the hills overlooking the homonymous municipality, easy to drink and to be drunk young, suitable for all hours, to match with white or red meats grilled.

Garda Classico wine, Valtenesi and Garda Colli Morenici: in varieties red, white and claret, the product on the Brescia side west of Lake Garda from Salò up to Montichiari. Prominent in the Garda Valtenesi claret and red Groppello

Wine San Martino della Battaglia: Garda tocai, produced in a small area around the Tower of St. Martino, between Sirmione and Pozzolengo, there is also in the sweet version, for dessert

Valpolicella wines: you can find in the basic version or Superiore; Ripasso is a more structured version of the Superior one; Amarone is the most valuable, for aging; Recioto has the same working of Amarone but maintained with more sugar so is for the end of meals and with desserts

Vallagarina wines: from this area come Muller Thurgau, Pinot Gris, Marzemino, Pinot Noir and other locals, classic wines with intense fragrance, often easy to drink and suitable for fish and light meats.

Garda Olive Oil

Garda lake is a historical area for the production of oil, one of the “golds” of Garda, with a special flavor; is divided according to the area of origin (Brescia, eastern, Trentino). The Garda Olive Oil is one of the basic products of the cuisine of Garda Lake.

Many of these Garda local products you can find in the local cuisine of hotel in Sirmione