Hotel in Sirmione

Garda Flavors

Garda flavors, the cuisine of Lake Garda

Sirmione, in the south of Lake Garda, is located on the border between Veneto, Lombardy and Mantua, this means that within a few kilometers you can find flavors of these three provinces;
on the coastal strip are definitely the masters of lake fish like coregone (lavarello), trout, aole, pike, carp, tench, sardines and eel, follow the salami in the hills, truffles , chestnuts, herbs of Monte Baldo, the Tremosine cheese, carne salada (salt meat) of Trentino, organic vegetables of Gresta Valley, extra virgin oil of Garda and to appreciate all this, the wine.

Sirmione, for lugana wine; Valtenesi for the claret wine, the groppello wine, the marzemino wine; the moraine hills of Verona for Custoza wine, Bardolino wine and Bardolino claret; the Valpolicella for Amarone Valpolicella wine, the Recioto wine; the Alto Garda with the Lakes Valley for the vin santo wine, Vallagarina for Nosiola and Marzemino wines, Pinot Gris, Muller Thurgau; not far is Soave with the soave wine and the Franciacorta with bubbles wines. In our hotel in Sirmione you will find many of the typical Garda flavors: typical wines like lugana wine, Bardolino and Valpolicella wines and lake fish such as trout, coregone, pike, sardines.
Some typical Garda Flavors:

Casoncelli alla bresciana

Risotto with asparagus

Baccalà alla bresciana

Perch ofl Garda, the Garda Trout, Coregone,

Pike at gardesana style

Sardines in sauce

Skewer at bresciana

Polenta with melted cheese