Hotel in Sirmione

Santa Maria Maggiore Church

Santa Maria Maggiore Church is located in the old town center, on top of the hill which is behind the castle, it is native of the fifteenth century but it was built with some older parts; there are frescoes of the ‘500 and a wooden statue of the Madonna of the ‘400

Santa Maria Maggiore Church dates from the fifteenth century and was built on the basis of the previous church of St. Martin in Castro while the front porch was built in the seventeenth century with the reuse of ancient columns (361 AD) and it was part of the nearby cemetery; it has a rectangular plan with nave resting on arches supported by pilasters; on the walls there are frescoes of the sixteenth century, inside there are a wooden statue of the Madonna (1400) and a crucifix, perhaps Brusasorci, of the sixteenth century. Santa Maria Maggiore church is around nine hundred meters from our hotel in Sirmione