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Mincio natural park

The Mincio natural park stretches from Lake Garda to Mantua

and the the Mincio Natural Park is a large area that follows the entire river Mincio, since out of the lake Garda in Peschiera up to the Po River, passing by lakes of Mantua town and crossing the morainic hills of Lake Garda. The park is divided in Alto Mincio, Middle and Lower Mincio Mincio and also includes the Nature Reserves of which Castellaro Lagusello is the closest, in fact, only a few kilometers from our hotel in Sirmione

The Mincio Park covers an area of approximately one hundred kilometers from the bottom of Lake Garda, crossing the morainic hills of Lake Garda, the lakes of Mantua city and comes to the placing of the river Mincio in the river Po: it is divided in Alto Mincio, from Peschiera to Goito, Middle Mincio, by Pozzolo Rivalta and lake Superior Mantua; Low Mincio from Mantua Lower Lake to the River Po
The Park of the Mincio through the morainic hills of Lake Garda, ranging from Valtenesi to the foot of Monte Baldo with the river Mincio, which flows in the first section bordered by rows of poplars side and then is channeled into concrete embankments up to Pozzolo and here, free from barriers, takes the characteristics of lowland rivers and extends between the vegetation and the fields , forming also the islets .
Of competence of the Mincio Park, there are also four State Nature Reserves that are not directly related to the Mincio river: Castellaro Lagusello, Mincio Valleys, Vallazza and Bosco Fontana.
The State Natural Reserve of Castellaro Lagusello is located between Cavriana and Monzambano, in the heart of the morainic hills of Lake Garda, it has some valuable habitats such as dry meadows, wet woodlands, aquatic vegetation, marsh vegetation and also some archaeological finds from the Bronze Age and the Roman period.
The flora : the first stretch of the river Mincio , having been altered by man with banks , has lost part of its natural flora, are , however, some elements such as dry grasslands and shrublands
The fauna : a study lasted twenty-six years by the Group of Ornithology Mantua, were listed well 229 species, of which about half nest inside the Mincio
Visitor centers : The centers Parco del Mincio are two :
Park – Garden of Bertone in Goito and the Museum of the trades of the river in Rivalta sul Mincio, but there are also some points of information: Castellaro Lagusello, in the bell tower of the historic center; Chiavica del Moro, a former toll hydraulic, others Infopoints Terre del Mincio are in Cavriana , Gonzaga, Grazie di Curtatone.
Park Center in Goito Bertone, is a garden of the period “romantic” with old trees and exotic local pond, relaxing visual and three- nineteenth-century buildings, including the old stables, used for meetings, the park is also used for weddings, festivals, concerts, shows, summer camp for children and since 1994 the Bertone Park is also home to a center for the reintroduction of the white stork.
Contacts: Street Bertone Colarina , 46044 Goito (MN) , Tel 0376 22831
Open from late March to early November from 10.00 to 19.30 ( opens 16.00 in August and in October and November chide 18.00 )
Rivalta Park Center and Museum of the trades of the river, is located in Rivalta , in the municipality of Rodigo, on a bend of the river Mincio, within the nature reserve of the Mincio, a large area characterized by reeds and a dense network channels where they are nesting and wintering waterfowl many, the center was organized in an old rural courtyard where once lived the families of fishermen and workers in the valley of the Mincio, now renovated to house groups of people and set up with large windows that allow the observation of birds from the inside during the winter. By boat you can reach the reeds and sedges that are on the other side of the river, inside the Visitor Center there is a section devoted to explanations of the cane harvest, an ancient economic activity of the Mincio; are also offered initiatives and events to raise awareness of the traditions of the local cuisine with fresh water fish of the Mincio. Inside the park there is also the Rivalta Canoe Centre, which offers guided tours
Contact: Park Center and Museum , tel. 0376 653924 – Canoe Centre “Friends of Rivalta ” Phone 0376 653440
Open all year round : 9:00 to 12:00 and 16:00 to 19:00