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Gardaland Park

Gardaland Park is the biggest amusement park in Italy, renewed every year with a breathtaking variety of games for children and adults, over thirty attractions and many shows. Always themed restaurants, bars, kiosks and souvenir shops. Gardaland park is located just a few miles from our hotel in Sirmione.

Gardaland park is the most visited Italian and the third at the European level has a size of sixty acres with a ‘ host annual output of over three million visitors. It offers about thirty attractions for adults and children, themed adventure, fantasy and excitement. Gardaland Park is is few chilometers far from our hotels in Sirmione.

The story of Gardaland park begins with its grand opening in the summer of 1975 as an amusement park is not large and live shows and since then, thanks to a widening of the space available and the continuous evolution of the attractions, has become the most popular Italian amusement park, a few kilometers from Peschiera del Garda, in Ronchi hamlet, town of Castelnuovo, in an area close to the banks of the needle Garda. With a size of more than sixty acres, is visited annually by more than three million visitors and competes with other large parks in Europe and even worldwide.
The Gardaland theme park is divided into subject areas such as Atlantis, Caribbean, Egypt, Wild West, Medieval, Space, Fantasy, and as elements common to major attractions uses: water, such as in Colorado boat, escape from Atlantis, Jungle Rapids, the coaster Raptor, Blue Tornado, Magic Mountain, Mammoth, Ortobruco, Sequoia adventure. Different from years ago, when there was just a main attraction as the roller coaster or Parsley, now Gardaland park is offering more attractions of high-impact, distributed around a central area that serves as a square with all services public as themed restaurants, bars, shops and smaller attractions such as theaters, monorails, carousels, trains. Alongside the older attractions such as Colorado Boat, Jungle Rapid, Magic Mountain, have been included in recent years other jewelry new technology as:

RAPTOR (2011), a roller coaster of thirty meters with side seats to the track suspended in the void, with twists, reversals, flights satin water, touch of obstacles, a top speed of ninety miles per hour and a maximum inclination of sixty-five percent, is a monstrous creature which, starting from an underground laboratory, out from underground and shake flying within an area full of swamp, forest, rocks and ruins of buildings destroyed by herself.

THE GLACIAL ERA 4D, the result of a very high technology that combines a large screen 3D in the production of special effects that involve completely spettatoretramite a robotic platform of the armchairs , the vibration of the seats, water spray, wind, perfumes, snow; a show for more than two hundred people in turn.

BLUE TORNADO, a variant of the spectacular roller coaster where you will be hanging on the rail and you will be thrown at high speed in a number of twists and turns and loops that will test your endurance .

COLORADO BOAT, the journey of a tree trunk on the Colorado River and reaching out to the sawmill , including rapids, waterfalls , splash , rocky mountains , a refreshing tour through the woods Americans.

ESCAPE FROM ATLANTIDE: a boat trip between the spray of the rapids in the beautiful scenery of the reconstruction of the ruins of a fantastic Atlantis, including dolphins, rocks, columns, bronze statues of Neptune and symbols of another civilization .

THE PIRATES: enter the galleon moored , from the inside, with a boat , you will pass through a tunnel carved into the rock and from there descend into a fantasy world, including shipwrecks pass from the lair of pirates and their underground city, taken in moments of everyday life, then you will encounter a monster snake with human head and tourist can drive in a dark and foggy forest with hanged

JUNGLE RAPIDS: on a boat you will be transported by the current of the river through a dense jungle in the heart of Asia, will pass between the tumultuous waters under a smoking volcano and among the ruins of ancient beautiful

MAGIC HOUSE: comfortably seated in your chair you feel like being suspended in a vacuum, without gravity and see the objects rotate around you in an enchanted atmosphere

MAGIC MOUNTAIN, the classic roller coaster, with spins, loops and dizzying descents .

MAMMUT, MAMMUT, set in the Rocky Mountains during an archaeological expedition than half of the 900, you will travel on a runaway mine train through a circuitous route, with steep slopes, among rocks, tunnels, mammoth, camps and wrecks of old trucks

ORTOBRUCO TOUR, set in the garden of parsley, this roller coaster for the very young is one of the attractions of older Gardaland, but the small audience always has its charm

RAMSES Awakening, set within the temple of Abu Simbel, where to board your bus, you prevent the alien forces are able to awaken the Pharaoh, armed with laser you have to shoot at the targets that you will see on your path

SEQUOIA ADVENTURE, a roller coaster set in a sawmill, where you will make a descent zig zag alternating the above with the below, past waterfalls, rotating blades and rocky environments .

SPACE VERTIGO,through a tunnel type spacecraft will arrive to the seats where to sit, placed on a platform that will stand up to forty feet high and then break away and make you feel my heart in my throat with a waterfall free .

THE SPECTACULAR 4D ADVENTURE, a three-dimensional cinema where the seats are robotic and transmit a number of inputs to the viewer in sync with the projected images , there are two movies ” Artic Adventure” and ” Himalazon ” two different settings

TOP SPIN, two rows of armchairs fixed to a platform that, connected with two long mechanical arms fitted with counterweights, twirling frontally and on itself.

Gardaland park devotes a section to the youngest visitors and their families with a variety of attractions suitable for them , in the style of those for adults:

Canoe Baby, Baby Horses, Baby Corsaro, Baby Pilot, Doremifarm, Flying Island, Funny Express, Carousel Horses, Kaffeetassen, The Tree of Parsley, Monorail, Peter Pan, Saltomatto, Superbaby, TransGardaland Express, Volaplano.


From the end of March to the end of September, open every day , from October to early November on weekends ; December on weekends and holidays.
End of March – end of June : daily 10:00 to 18:00
End of June – mid-September : daily 10:00 to 23:00
Mid September – end of September: Daily 10.00 – 18.00
October – Halloween Bridge : Saturday and Sunday 10:00 to 18:00
December: 7-8-14-15 and 21 December to 6 January (closed on 25/12 and 1/1) 10:00 to 18:00