Hotel in Sirmione

Sirmione Castle

The Scaliger Sirmione Castle is one of the best preserved, still integrates both the dock that the drawbridge, inside is placed a museum and its tower offers a splendid view over the old town of Sirmione.

The Scaliger Sirmione Castle was built to control the boat traffic on the Garda, and its strategic position made him one of the most important, so that Mastino I della Scala in 1277 decided to expand and strengthen it by building the central part with the keep during the following century the castle was extended towards the village with the addition of the two courtyards and their fortifications; dates back to the Venetian era, after 1400, the dock fortified masonry that you can see still in excellent condition, as the Scala probably consisted of a series of wooden piers. Another note of merit of the Scaliger Sirmione Castle is the ability to access the walkways along the walls and get to the top of the mastio, the highest tower of the castle where you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the town of Sirmione. Inside the castle is now used as a museum. The Scaliger Sirmione Castle is about seven hundred meters from our hotel in Sirmione.