Hotel in Sirmione

San Pietro in Mavino church

The San Pietro in Mavino church was built on a previous pagan temple, is located on the hill near the caves of Catullus, originally from the Longobard period, retains many elements that are very old, some frescoes and the bell tower of the eleventh century

The small San Pietro in Mavino church is located near the Grotto of Catullus, it already existed in the Lombard period, built by the locals on the basis of a pagan temple, presents in front a few pieces of early medieval stone, gable roof, irregular plan and a part of the original building on the south side. Inside, in the apse, there are frescoes dating back to the XI-XII century, while those of the side walls were made after the restoration of 1320 (as reported in the side of the entrance); the bell tower dates back to the same period of the early frescoes, 1000/1100. The San Pietro in Mavino church is just a little over a mile from our hotel in Sirmione.