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Sagra dei Osei Cisano

Sagra dei Osei Cisano in Bardolino,

September 4th to 8th 2015

The Sagra dei Osei Cisano is a historical exhibition that takes place from immemorial time on the 8th September. It’s not know the origin of the festival that initially took place two kilometers south of Cisano. In Cisano the fair has gained great notoriety, in fact in September 20th 1903 The Domenica del Corriere published the cover designed by painter Beltrame with the caption: The characteristic fair of decoy birds, in Cisano, Lake Garda. This demonstrates that over a century ago it was the Italy’s most famous Bird Fair, besides being certainly the oldest in the Veneto Sacile, which boasts medieval origins deserved the same cover only about ten years later. The event has always been a missed opportunity for a broad audience of enthusiasts interested in the exchange and the purchase of equipment and hunting decoys but also by farmers who supplied them with farm tools and animals. The visitors were, as now, is that the province from Lombardy despite the difficulties of moving.
sagra dei osei cisano

Sagra dei Osei Cisano di Bardolino

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