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Rocca di Lonato del Garda

Rocca di Lonato del Garda

The Rocca of Lonato is located about ten kilometers from Sirmione in the hinterland, is one of the largest fortifications in Lombardy and spread on top of the hill overlooking the historic center of Lonato, its construction started already in the tenth century and has always had an important military role; was owned by the Counts of Montichiari, Scala of Verona, Visconti of Milan in 1376 wich strengthen it with new walls, in 1404 passed to Gonzaga of Mantua and then to Republic of Venice, between 1509 and 1515 returns to be of Gonzaga and even stayed here Isabella d’Este; around 1920 Rocca di Lonato del Garda was bought by Senator Ugo da Como and it is now owned by Ugo da Como Foundation, which manages the Rocca, the Museum of Birds and the Casa del Podestà.

The Rocca of Lonato del Garda has irregular plan of about 45 to 180 meters and consists of two main parts: the Rocchetta, native of the tenth century and protected by a first ring of walls, that was the first part built to defend against attacks of the barbarians; Main Quarter, the outer ring of walls, built between the fourteenth and the fifteenth century by the Visconti.

Rocca di Lonato-del-garda

Rocca di Lonato-Rocchetta


Rocca di Lonato-Quartiere Principale