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Movieland Studios Park

Movieland Studios Park

Movieland Studios is a theme park of Lake Garda dedicated to the world of cinema opened in 2002, is set in a big movie set, the visitor attends the reproduction of some famous movies with their special effects and stunt doubles, all to live up close and live the emotions of the film . The park is composed of twenty attractions divided into three sections : Family, Action and Adventure, complete the offer four shows between action and illusion suitable for all ages. The cast performs the Movieland Studios to impress but also to engage the viewer, also giving the visitors a chance to participate in part to the show. The Movieland Park is located just a few miles from our hotel in Sirmione.


FAMILY – attractions for families with small children

Police Academy: With a cast of look-alike of the comedy film “Police Academy” and a big screen with the seats synchronized with the projection, you will find yourself on the backseat of a car of the team of the film during a chase at breakneck speed

Route 66: With the scenario of a piece of ’60s America, your children will love to travel on a fabulous Corvette C1 with true engine on the legendary Route 66

Back to the Backstage: Comfortably seated in your car monorail, you will circle the park as on the movie set, going behind the scenes to discover a few tricks of the trade

Cooter’s Rodeo: The fun and historic carousel with the difference that in turn it is a truck

Scary House: A tour inside the house of horrors, in a maze of corridors with skeletons, graveyards, mummies, and ghosts


Movieland Studios Park -family

ADVENTURE – attractions for families of all ages

Kitt Superjet: Adrenalin attraction, a ride on the evolution of the famous aquatic Kitt Supercar eighties, an aluminum boat for stunts equipped with four engines, two powerful Mercury 600 horsepower and two jets hurtling in a hypothetical tracking between channels of a port military between sprays, twists and turns tacking .

Magma2: An adventurous tour in a geothermal power plant on a large military truck through dangers and contingencies of various kinds, earthquakes, fires, explosions, subsidence with you over bridges, fording rivers

John Rambo Stunt Show: You will be the audience of a performance of the famous John Rambo in one of his legendary guerrilla actions while attacking an enemy position, chases into the water, dirt bikes, shootings, explosions and fires. One of the major attractions of the Movieland Studios.

Zorro Show: Entertainment on the stage of Zorro set in Mexico, including dances, acrobatics and sword fights to the sound of a double starring Antonio Banderas

The Illusionist: Attraction- show adapted from the famous film “The Illusionist” set in the London of the early twentieth century, including a stage effect, and a large and lively cast with the main figure magician Danton .

Movieland Studios Park -park

Movieland Studios Park -adventure

ACTION – or at least attractions for adults over 14 years

Horror House: One of the most appealing attractions Movieland Studios, enter the house of horror, here we have gathered for you only the most famous criminal lunatics of the way of horror cinema, a cocktail of suspense, corpses, blood, and some homicidal maniac, you delve deeper in the dark long corridors interrupted by the rooms they were reconstructed crucial scenes of the greatest horror movie .

Holliwood Action Tower: You will be taken to the top of the Hollywood Tower with a freight elevator to a height of 50 meters to be left then falling in free fall and slide back until the arrival

Tomb Raider Machine: Another strong point of this is Movieland Studios attraction where, seated on a platform supported by two mechanical arms, do somersaults, currency variations in forward and sideways, rolling upside down above the water spray scenario fantastic Tomb Raider while Lara Croft will take a targeted, the sound effects are of course taken from the soundtrack of the video game featuring Lara Croft.

U-571 Submarine Simulator: Will board a German submarine of World War II hidden in a base carved into the rock and you’ll spectators during a naval battle where you will be targeted by bombs of enemy planes, bursting close to you, stand up tall columns of water, then try also sinking of the submarine with your actual water boarding .

Terminator 5D – The Game: Interactive attraction size of Movieland Studios, the video game where, armed with laser guns, you’ll have to shoot three feet tall robot that threaten you with stuntmen and actors, including explosions, flames and gunfire reproduce a scene from the battle of the future taken from the movie Schwarzenegger .


Movieland Studios Park -action


The Movieland Studios open from late March to the first week of November.
From March 29th to April 24th Friday to Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00
From 25 April to 15 September every day from 10.00 to 18.00
From 15 September to the first Sunday of November, Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00