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Garda Thermal Park

Garda Thermal Park, Villa dei Cedri

offers a pool with thermal water at 37 ° and pools inside the park with secular trees of the Villa of Cedars, a charming and relaxed ambience in Colà of Lazise, a few miles from our hotel in Sirmione it is located in a park with secular trees.

The Garda Thermal Park in Colà of Lazise or Villa dei Cedri is one of Thermes of Garda area, consists of a real park of 13 hectares with trees of various kinds, originating in the seventeenth century and with various elements of typical “romantic” Nineteenth Century gardens as streams, caves, bridges and neo-Gothic structures, a unique and relaxing environment where you can enjoy full use of the spa waters.
Inside the park of spa center in Colà of Lazise are two ponds of thermal water at 37° with an artificial grotto dedicated to hydro and a modern swimming pool with whirlpool, for the winter season a wooden structure allows you to undress and bathe in the waters of the pond standing in the hot environment. Also within the Garda Thermal Park lies the Villa dei Cedri, an original Venetian villa of the eighteenth/nineteenth century, dedicated to meeting the inside was also open wellness center with spa treatments, relaxation and massage. Our hotel in Sirmione are about fifteen minutes from Garda Thermal Park Villa dei Cedri, in hotel are available tickets for the park.

Thermal Park of Garda Lake - Villa of Cedars
Garda Thermal Park – Villa dei Cedri