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Catullo Caves

Catullo Caves are the remains of what was perhaps the largest Roman villa in northern Italy, located on the north of the peninsula of Sirmione, it appeared with all its grandeur at the center of Lake Garda

Catullo Caves are actually the remains of a noble Roman villa, the largest in northern Italy dating between the first century BC and the first century AD, those who were to be the basement and the ground floor. The definition “caves” is derived from the custom of calling in this way Renaissance buildings partially collapsed or buried, were also attributed to the poet Catullus because, in some of his verses, told of his home in Sirmione, but nothing confirms that is this. The building is rectangular 167 x 105 meters, on various levels, reaching out towards the end of the rocky tip of the peninsula, the size of the entire structure will especially appreciate the aerial photographs of the site, and in so doing to have a vague idea of what could be the grandeur of the villa located in the center of Lake Garda. The archaeological site of Catullo Caves is located at the north end of Sirmione is reached along the slope that meets passing over the old town inside the castle and is about a fifteen minute walk from our hotel in Sirmione.