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Caneva Waterpark

Caneva Waterpark

The Caneva Waterpark of Lazise on Garda Lake is one of the best theme parks in Italy , with a dozen of attractions for young and old, almost the entire area is Caribbean style with white sand, palm trees, huts, slides of all kinds. Theme Restaurants: Medieval Times, Rock Star, Rodeo Grill. The park Caneva is situated a few kilometers from our hotel in Sirmione.

Caneva World, the theme park in Lazise on Lake Garda, ​​is divided into two parks depending on the attractions Movieland Studios, dedicated to the world of cinema and Aquapark Caneva, water park, ten hectares of pools, some with waves, lagoons, winding slides and relaxing, others where whiz in the water, playing Caribbean style beaches with huts, palm trees, great white shark, flaming volcano, a water park area is dedicated to families with small children, with a lagoon area equipped with ship pirates and water cannons for their enjoyment. It is always themed show with the three dining facilities with different price range: Medieval Times – Rock Star – Rodeo Grill

Caneva waterpark attractions are divided into three types:

FAMILY – attractions for families with small children

Mini Black: Slide the dark novelties of 2013, attraction divided into three parts, simulates the slide to the center of a mine through a chute in the dark and the subsequent ascent through a tunnel that takes you on top of another slide towards the exit

Pirates Lagoon: sight among the most loved by the children, a lagoon with pirate ship, slides, rope bridges, with water cannons to defend the ship

Coral Bay: A beautiful and relaxing round the lagoon from the azure waters with a large rock in the middle of where gushing waterfalls and all around a nice sundeck equipped with comfortable chairs to relax in the sun

Lazy River: Comfortably sitting in your boat you do lulled by the slow advance of this creek surrounded by greenery

Blue Lake: A large swimming pool with a large solarium

ADVENTURE – attractions for everyone

Crazy River: Funny attraction where, on board your boat will come down this winding river full of bends and rapids, surrounded by thick vegetation and ends in a quiet pond

Shark Bay: A realistic reproduction of a Caribbean beach with lots of sand, palm trees, rocks , ship moored and the real waves like the sea, on display a great white shark just remember the name of the bay

Typhoon: One of the strongest attractions of Caneva, a big slide to six runs for a very long downhill at full speed

Anaconda: Starting from a high cabana on the beach there are two long slides sinuously entwine in the green bring the pool up to your arrival

Trisplash: sight like Anaconda, a twisted slide to three -lane, surrounded by lush, comes in a quiet pool

ACTION – attractions for lovers of adrenaline

Stukas Boom: sight stronger Caneva, built in 2012, is a favorite of those who like suspense, come fired into free fall at breakneck speed , a thrill of a few moments

Black Hole 2: A descent into a long tunnel and twisted at times completely dark and sometimes illuminated by a light trail

Twin Peaks: A beautiful attraction where it seems to make a run with a bob of water, a beautiful, steep descent that gives you the right momentum to go up the chute with a final jump on top and slid to the finish

Kamika: After the climb the volcano smoldering and flaming Caneva is waiting for you a long slide at great speed with jumps along the rocky slope of the mountain

Water Jump: Another exciting attraction of Caneva is Water Jump, after the departure from a beach hut style, you will pass through a tunnel and you’ll run on a slide in two runs taking the right speed for the final jump in the pool of arrival.

RESTAURANTS in Caneva Waterpark

Medieval Times: restaurant with themed show Middle Ages, knights in costume duel with swords and spears and compete in games of skill on horseback; restaurant with fixed price (adult – children), four-course meal, including drinks Caneva Medieval Times

Rock Star: renovated in 2013, offers a lot of music and entertainment with deejay, music videos logically themed rock and international cuisine, entrance at a fixed price (adult-child) with a rich buffet with the formula “all you can eat”, soft drinks and one cocktail, the restaurant offers a picnic area for children.

Rodeo Grill: An outdoor summer grill with tables and benches where you enjoy grilled meat, fried potatoes and salad buffet, children’s entertainment and a mechanical bull

Caneva Waterparks OPENINGS AND TIMES

From mid- May to mid July and from late August to mid-September from 10.00 to 18.00
From mid- July to end of August from 10.00 to 18.00