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Bike Tour Peschiera-Valeggio-Custoza-Salionze

Bike Tour Peschiera, along the river Mincio to Borghetto of Valeggio then turning to Custoza,

pedaling through acres of vineyards, up and down the morainic hills of Garda lake

Peschiera – Valeggio – Custoza – Salionze
This path starts from Peschiera del Garda, goes along the river Mincio and leads to the picturesque medieval village of Borghetto, we pass by Valeggio sul Mincio and crossed the moraynic hills of Garda lake, then we arrive to Custoza, historic site of the battle of 1866 and from here, enjoying the sight of acres of vineyards, you fall in Peschiera crossing Salionze.

Easy route, largely on unpaved path with end
Distance: about 38 km – Time: 2 hours


Bike Tour Peschiera-Valeggio-Custoza-Salionze