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Andy Warhol Peschiera del Garda

Andy Warhol Peschiera del Garda – The Revolution of Pop Art

Peschiera del Garda June 7 to September 13 2015 presso Palazzina storica

Exhibition of works by American artist organized by the Culture of the municipality of Peschiera del Garda; presentation of works that are through the various evolutions of Warhol’s career and introduce the viewer to the stylistic revolution that resulted in this kind of art. An art aimed at working class that turns in work shares and real community life everyday with a nagging repetition, thanks to the provocation and irony that Warhol made his own instrument; the American model of mass production is attacked by Warhol taking as the main subject of his works objects more known to the public are part of the daily life of all walks of life and consistency with which they are entered by the system in people’s lives. The Revolution in the exhibition of Pop Art are proposed to be original works of Warhol works by other major American artists of the Pop movement as Lichtenstein, Rauschenberg and Robert Indiana.


Andy Warhol Peschiera del Garda